Bespoke customised wall plates, in wall controls and install products.

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Customised Wall Plates

A fast economic service using our plates or yours. Any size, any finish and any socket combination. Our personal made for the job service utilises quality components throughout. Made for your install we can provide fully customised plates at the cost of an off the shelf product .

What can we make for you?


Contact us by phone or email to discuss your requirements.


Multimedia double wall plate with CAT5 sockets.

Speaker plates with banana 4mm sockets.

Control and transfer plate
Networking Plate

Control and transfer double brass plate with speaker and HDMI connections.

Networking RJ45 ten way patch plate with back to back sockets.


Multimedia double plates with
CAT 6 and HDMI socket.

No soldering with plug and screw connections.


Five speaker double wall plate with binding posts.

Double blank plate with component cutouts.

Not sure what you need? Contact us by phone or email.


US to UK plate conversions.

US remote fitted to UK plate.


Two speaker plates and a volume control.

Phono audio and pro sub
on single stainless steel plates.


Component video and audio on
a double brushed steel plate.

HDMI, telephone and satellite TV on a single plate.

Control and transfer plate
six way speaker plates

Stainless steel plate with speaker aerials,
projector inputs and laser mark engraving.

Standard double white surface plates with
six pairs of 4mm speaker sockets.

Contact us for a call back after 6pm to consider your project.

period din plate
bi wire speaker plate

Period rope edged brass plate
with four 7 din sockets.

Special Bi-Wire speaker outlet plate
with 4mm sockets.


Stove enameling, colour coordinating and matching.

Snap in customised modules,
half brushed and half sockets.


Switch to wood for that traditional look.

Bright steel speaker plates with binding posts.


Five speaker double white plate with engraving.

Special stage box plate.

5.1 HDMI plate

5.1 speaker plate with HDMI and CAT5/6.

No fancy packing to pay for
with Demion installer packs.

Fittings Including -
VGA, HDMI, RJ45, XLR, BNC, HD Pro, Phonos, DVI, F Socket, Coax, Scart, 4mm Sockets, Binding Posts, Banana Sockets, IR Inlets, CAT5, CAT6, Toshlink, Speakon, Push Terminals, RJ10, RJ11, USB, SVHS, DINS, Jacks, Mini DINS.

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